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This document provides answers to common questions from publishers or advertisers:

  • I am a publisher and want to monetize on your platform, suggest me integration type?

    We can provide all possible Integration based on condition if you are a small publishers (daily request <= 100k) and want to monetize for Inapp : send mail to support team to create account and there you will get our SDK and all Integration details. If you want to monetize Desktop or Mobile web traffic then you will find the JS Tag integration with all details.If you want to monetize more than 1 number of app and you support server-server or OpenRTB Integration then Integration details are available on sign In.

  • What type of campaigns you support?

    We support only premium Branded Campaigns , Campaigns type are : Retail, Fashion, Generic, Games, Products etc.

  • What is your Payment Terms?

    Our Payment Terms are Net45 to Publishers , If your earnings will be >= $1000 per day then Payment terms will be Net 30. We process payment via PayPal or Direct Bank Account world-wide. Payment currency will be USD. For India Curreny will be in INR. Amli Delevering Partner payment within or on Time without any failure.

  • I am a advertiser , how can I start with you?

    Send a mail to support team , they will create account on your behalf. Our team will setup your campaigns and their targeting like country,city,carrier etc based on your requirement, then Add Budget on your account to start the campaign. You can set minimum bid , daily budget , monthly budget or Annual Budget in Portal.

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