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Amli is a programmatic
Based Digital Advertising and ad exchange network company

Advertisers and Programmatic buyers bid on Amli Inventory via direct campaigns setup, Real Time Bidding (RTB). We provide quality inventory, granular data sets and all ad formats that drive High performance.Publihers and Programmatic Sellers connect with us via SDK, JS Tag or Real Time Bidding (RTB) to generate more revenue with high CPMs, performance and fill rates from diversified and global premimum demand sources as well as Inhouse Advertisers.

Quick Support
from our Expert Team

Our Support Team are available 24x7 & providing Individual POC to all Our Publishers & Advertisers

Fast Implementation &
Quick Result

We are able to onboard any partner with minimum time frame & integrate within 10 minutes

Service & High Performance

Our Real time learning algorithms measure performance, Ad viewability and providing secure ad traffic for Advertiser's & Exchanges

Facts and Figures

Amli Network is an experienced Digital & Programmatic Advertising Network with a big record of success.

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Why We’re The Best Match
For Programmatic and Digital Advertising!!

  • We’re never satisfied with the status quo.
  • We’re always refining our technology which means you’ll always be getting better and better results!
  • We’re a team of trend setters, mavericks and leaders: innovation is an inherent part of our business model.
For Advertisers :
  • We run idiosyncratic user and device data against our developed models to fetch the most suitable ad.
  • Our models are continuously evolving based on learning algorithms that have been employed which use more than 50 parameters.This way we make every impression count by finding the needle in the haystack of users.
  • Algorithmic targeting and past successful campaigns has encouraged advertisers to run high CPM campaigns that translates to higher revenues for our publishers and ad-network partners.
  • Hyper targeting models that are based on learning algorithms , Across the globe supply and Engaging ad content for higher conversion for our Advertisers.
For Publishers :
  • Accept world -wide traffic.
  • Maximum fillrate with high eCPM.
  • Fixed CPM offers for quality traffic.
  • For Eligible Publishers we are buying each request with fixed CPM , so we will pay on request itself.
  • Publishers miniumum threshold are $ 50.
  • Offering Net 30 days Payment terms.
  • On time Payment via PayPal or through Direct Bank Account.

Our Key features

We support iOS, Android and Windows Platform and our Ad formats are : Banner, Mrec, Interstitial, Popup, Native and Videos


Auto eligible features from CPM to CPC or CPA/CPI.

Best CPM Offers

Data Science model on real time to ensure Best CPM match for the request.

Right Targeting

Considering More than 50 parameter to get the right audience for particular offers.


Almost real time report access for Publishers and Advertisers.

Traffic Optimization

Auto traffic Optimization based on data science, as useful for Ad Exchange or Ad Network to avoid unneccessay network traffic.

Programmatic Selling & Buying

We support Open RTB, S2S and JS Tag Integration for Ad Network and Ad Exchange.